Next Generation IDE


I decided to build a next generation IDE targeting the HoloLens platform.
This project is code-named: Holoware

Framework Requirements

The IDE will serve as a framework for building applications using the following workflow:

• Identify architectural layers

• Construct modules for each layer

• Construct classes for each module

The IDE will leverage both keyboard and gestures throughout the user-experience of the software development process. Gestures can be used to manipulate panes (i.e. expand, shrink) and drill into and out of an architecture (i.e. layers, modules, classes).

Holoware as a vehicle

This IDE will attempt to leverage the metaphor of driving a car. However, instead of driving a car, the targeted user-experience for this IDE is to serve as a development vehicle for driving and monitoring code.

Do the Following:

Get behind the steering wheel of a car and observe the user-interface. Specifically, observe the design of how that vehicle enables you to observe real-time events. What do you see?


A car has several windows (also known as panes) (i.e. windshield, side-views, and rear-view). The rear-view window enables a user to view their past as it relates to their journey. The side-view windows enable a user to view activity in parallel relative to their vehicles progress.


In addition to the windows on a car, a car also has mirrors that are tightly coupled to the position of these particular windows (i.e. rear-view, drivers-side, and passenger-side). These mirrors have dual functions. Not only do they reflect activity, but they do so through the unique perspective of their location relative to their position of a window. More specifically, while a window enables the observation of an activity, a mirror relative to that window provides further detail (i.e. history or a log).


A driver of a vehicle leverages a dashboard to monitor that vehicle’s health. This IDE will attempt to follow that metaphor.


You can find the Holoware project on Github.

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