Applying the DRY Principle to your Career


Have you ever considered leaving a job that you knew was preventing you from being your best?

I am not taking about doing your best work. I am literally talking about your profession being an extension of your soul. I am talking about the deep love that you have for your profession that can at times be a conflict of interests for anything else that competes for your attention.

I have proven to myself that the more I demonstrate my hunger to be my best at whatever I focus my mind on, the more I am rewarded. I have also learned to never ever ask another human being for permission to be successful. I have often encouraged others that regardless of what people may think about them and how people may treat them, absolutely nobody can deny what a person has already accomplished.

As a result, I have left several jobs because I could not depend on their HR department to make me the best engineer I can be. I have always stated that I am a servant of my industry and not a slave to any specific snowflake of a company.

I sincerely believe that continuous practice results in continuous growth. And believe me. I have literally started from the bottom. I was an unemployable 20 year old that believed that college was for smart people and not lower-middle class folks from Cleveland such as myself. That’s until the late Dennis Omlor PhD and George McCormick saw my spark and invested their time in enlightening me to a life that I never knew existed based on my humble environment.

Since then I apply the DRY principle not just to my code, but to my career.


Scott Nimrod is fascinated with Software Craftsmanship.

He loves responding to feedback and encourages people to share his articles.

He can be reached at scott.nimrod @

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