Sex, Drugs, and C#


If you think the title of this article is inappropriate then surely you have never entertained yourself with Hollywood movies or primetime television. The very content of such programs entertains our subconscious desires. Note that it’s been less than a thousand years since religious institutions have gone mainstream in programming our primal behaviors to be more humane through (you guessed it) primal behaviors (i.e. war, slavery, crusades, conquest, etc.).

So why the offensive header for this article?

Well, I no longer watch TV (i.e. sitcoms, reality shows, music television). However, I do entertain myself by watching documentaries on Netflix with interesting programs on prison life, wars, drug cartels, and astronomy. After watching such programs, I typically think a lot about how I would handle myself in those conditions. Ultimately with the exception of astronomy, I usually become stressed out and depressed as a direct result of consuming such content. However, despite everything in this world that I cannot control nor educate others on, I have always enjoyed escaping reality through my work as a software developer. I can literally create my own world of virtual autonomous workers to help me solve a business problem that will ultimately save a client lots of money or make a client lots of money.

When I am writing code, I am literally in my own world of “what if” possibilities and “oh crap!” consequences. I can literally see mirages of what I am building in my foresight even though my computer monitors show only swaths of text that no mere mortal could possibly understand.

Some people sleep around to mask their pain. Others smoke crack to stop the voices in their head. Personally, I like to drive to work at 5:30 or 6 o’clock in the morning and just slang code that ultimately makes this world a little bit better than it was. In conclusion, I tend to get lost creating more than I do consuming.


Scott Nimrod is fascinated with Software Craftsmanship.

He loves responding to feedback and encourages people to share his articles.

He can be reached at scott.nimrod @

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