Aggression Redirected


Most young black people from lower income areas see success as an entertainer (athletes, rappers, singers, etc.) on T.V. or a drug dealer on the block. Software Development just isn’t visible for most of us from low income areas. What’s a gift and a curse is that minorities from this demographic are known to be extremely competitive (i.e. sports, drug turf, etc.). Just imagine that passion and aggression directed towards tech startups. Just imagine if we showed millionaire startup founders who just happen to be minorities. That “success” could be shown to people that never even knew it was an option.

Based on this revelation, I will be reaching out to the Miami Dade County Public Schools.

I’m done talking about it.

I’m going to actually do something about it…

This post is dedicated to the late Dennis Omlor.


Scott Nimrod is fascinated with Software Craftsmanship.

He loves responding to feedback and encourages people to share his articles.

He can be reached at scott.nimrod @

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