Revenge of the SDET

In today’s news, SDETs and software craftsman around the world have been leveraging test-mutation frameworks in retaliation for the relentless death marches and massive disappointments that many shops have been experiencing due to Dark-Matter Developers (aka: DMDs). Test-mutation frameworks are tools that are used to expose false-positives within a test automation suite. DMDs have been fudging code coverage reports with poor unit tests for decades. As a result, they have managed to control and stifle the software development industry. However, recently, Sleeper cells composed of disgruntled craftsman and SDETs have been activated from London to Miami, and from India to Brazil. As a result, code-reviews have erupted into screaming matches and mass firings, as DMDs now scramble to explain their misleading test coverage metrics and other exposed quality concerns. The software industry is now in complete disarray. Software user groups have been converted into Command and Control centers to further push DMDs to the edges of the IT industry by preaching test mutation frameworks to the masses.

Scott Nimrod, the self-professed emir of the revolution, released a statement to the press that read the following:

As the media scrambles to shed light on what I have been preaching for years, perhaps SDETs and craftsman around the world can join hands and finally seek comfort in recognizing that “for every end is a new beginning”.



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