I regret my declaration to write everyday

I regret my declaration to write a new blog post every day. Hence, I made this ridiculous declaration to challenge myself until I secure my next contract. There has been benefits though. Hence, writing everyday has reinforced my understanding of what I have been attempting to share with my community. However, I find myself struggling to maintain a journal entry every day due to a lack of motivation and technical content. As I have stuck to my declaration, I’ve made significant progress in learning F# and using my blog to document my understanding of it. However, I am just not confident that I can sustain this writing pace. It’s like I have writer’s block. Except in my case, it’s on a grander scale. I just don’t think I can write at the same pace that I learn. I really do hope I secure a contract soon because I’m going to eventually renig on my declaration.

4 Replies to “I regret my declaration to write everyday”

  1. Once a day is intense 🙂 A while back I decided I would blog once a week, and kept it that way for about 2 years. It was rough: sometimes you don’t feel there is much to talk about, and writing is hard – but I have no regrets. Obviously writing became easier (and the result hopefully better too :)); then, because I needed material to write about all the time, it got me to develop an inner voice that always asks ‘is there something interesting or unusual, even if it’s small, in what I am doing right now?’. I found this actually very valuable, it sharpens your self-observation and criticism.
    Anyways – first, congrats on trying this out, I think you won’t regret it. And… IMO there is nothing wrong in recognizing a potential error of estimation. I assume the goal here is not to make your life miserable: if you feel once a day is too much, find a level that works better, adapt and stick to it 🙂 I can’t think of many people posting daily, except professional writers. No matter what – good luck!

  2. I deeply respect your efforts Scott. I’ve also enjoyed watching your progress with F#. It’s been giving me some insights into the language, and also a place to start when I give it a try.

    I see that you’ve stopped blogging since this post. Is this an intentional planned break or have you kicked the habit?

    No matter what, best of luck Scott! 🙂

    1. Thanks Pavneet,
      I had a meltdown a couple weeks ago.
      Thus, I took a break from writing both code and blog posts because my brain refused to function appropriately.
      I will try to publish every couple of weeks now.
      Thank you though for the encouragement.

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