My Conversation with a Frustrated Developer

I decided to publish a conversation that I had with a frustrated developer…

Frustrated Dev: Oh, and do you have a lead on any Xamarin jobs? I really like the stack and our office just got sick with an illness I’ve seen before.

Frustrated Dev: You know, the one where a new boss is hired and decides everything but the one technology he knows is shit and must be thrown out.

Frustrated Dev: So, after 3+ years and at 90% completion, they’re trashing our Xamarin project. Awesome, right?

Scott Nimrod: Smh
Frustrated Dev: New boss is a web developer, so we’re on the Ionic2 train now (it’s a fork of a fork built with a fork of a fork of a fork of Cordova). I don’t hate JavaScript, just the stupid fucking kids that think they need to reinvent (more like rediscover) software development every three weeks.
Scott Nimrod: Smh
Scott Nimrod: Did anyone get fired?

Frustrated Dev: No, they don’t do that here except with management.

Frustrated Dev: For the people doing the actual work they just demoralize and marginalize you until you can’t stand it and leave on your own.
Frustrated Dev: Turnover has been near 50% in the year and a half I’ve been here.

Frustrated Dev: Uh… Ok… Not turnover, because they don’t replace people so much.

Frustrated Dev: They tell those of us left how much we suck because we’re too slow and need to do more overtime–but staffing is at a perfect level we’re assured.

Frustrated Dev: Either management are total idiots with no people skills or they’re hope to abuse us all enough to get rid of us without worrying about severance or unemployment.

Scott Nimrod: I assume you guys didn’t do TDD…

Frustrated Dev: On the Xamarin team we did.
Frustrated Dev: Until the deadlines management forced on us turned that to a dirty word.

Frustrated Dev: Refactoring (the crap we inherited needs it badly) was also a forbidden word.

Scott Nimrod: How is that possible unless developers blamed TDD for their incompetence.

Frustrated Dev: We had our hands full fixing code from India and coping with the bad architecture we weren’t allowed to fix–most of it near impossible to unit test in the code blobs it was made of.

Frustrated Dev: I just want to find a place that isn’t run by dumbshits and work there until I retire.

One Reply to “My Conversation with a Frustrated Developer”

  1. This would probably frustrate most devs. It is a symptom of a couple things. The first being the business doesn’t think they need to be have a stake or say in what is going on in their software projects. That is they have a lot of faith that IT can get things done without much of their input. The other is obviously the power mongering person in leadership. I have seen this happen a few times. I think most people who get around enough will see one or the other of these types of situations in their career. I can only offer a few pieces of advice in this situation. Make the issues visible to the people paying the bills. For example, we invested xyz months of time and resources into this nearly finished project and now we are being asked to start over because someone didn’t understand the technology that we are using to develop it. I those who have made the investment should,could recognize when they are throwing away their investment and maybe step in. I think its smart to keep the people paying the bills informed of what you are doing for them on a more regular basis in general, so they can see progress and understand what they are paying for, it may help them to want to be more involved and be a partner with IT instead of just assuming you are meta humans that do whatever they ask. The only other thing I can say is the old “Change your organization or change your organization” meaning if you can’t get any buy in from anyone, then find a place that is more like a place you want to work for.

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