F#: Akka.NET

I am attempting to learn Akka.NET. As I understand, Akka.NET is a framework that’s meant to ease the orchestration of concurrency.

The following is a minimal example of leveraging Akka.NET for passing messages:

module Main

open System
open Akka.FSharp
open Akka.Actor
open Actors

type Command = 
    | Message of string
    | Start | Exit

let reporterActor message =
     match message |> box :?> Command with
     | Start     -> ()
     | Message v -> printf "Reporting: %s" v
     | Exit      -> failwith "Kill this!"

let generatorActor (reporter:IActorRef) (mailbox:Actor<_>) message =

    let handle input = match input with
                       | "exit" -> mailbox.Context.System.Terminate |> ignore
                       | _      -> reporter <! Message input

    handle (Console.ReadLine().ToLower())

let main argv = 
    let system =         System.create "system"         (Configuration.load())
    let reporterActor =  spawn system  "reporterActor"  (actorOf(reporterActor))
    let generatorActor = spawn system  "generatorActor" (actorOf2(generatorActor reporterActor))

    generatorActor <! Start
    system.WhenTerminated |> ignore

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