The Nineteen Habits of a Rock Star Developer


1. Routinely reviews the latest StackOverflow content
2. Listens to software development podcasts
3. Maintains a technical journal
4. Recognizes the value of Job hopping
5. Presents at user groups
6. Maintains a library of software development books
7. Makes an annual pilgrimage to a conference
8. Works on an open-source project
9. Seeks out mentors


1. Tests the software without having to launch the actual application
2. Relies on automated tests to supervise the construction of software
3. Automates everything


1. Avoids the mouse
2. Avoids variables
3. Avoids third-party libraries
4. Continuously improves codebase
5. Harnesses the type system to make illegal states unrepresentable
6. Relies on linters
7. Relies on external IDE tools

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