Deploying EventStore to Azure Kubernetes


I used this link as a guide to install the tools required for deploying EventStore to Azure.

A description of the tools needed are as follows:

  • Kubectl: Kubernetes command-line tool
  • Helm: Kubernetes package manager
  • Azure CLI: Azure command-line tool

EventStore Deployed on Azure

I observed the following resources created in Azure after executing the commands listed from the  link:


Connecting to the EventStore hosted on Azure

I wrote the following test to establish a connection to the EventStore running in Azure:

let ``Azure: Establish connection to event store``() =

    // Setup
    let credentials    = UserCredentials("admin", "changeit");
    let port           = 1113
    let clusterAddress = "" // 

    // Test
    use connection= EventStore.remoteConnection clusterAddress port credentials

    // Verify
    Assert.NotNull connection

Retrieving the IP Address

I extracted the IP address by navigating to the root resource and then selecting the Kubernetes service:


From the Kubernetes service, I referenced the API server address:


I then mapped the API server address to its corresponding IP address as depicted in the test code.


Here’s the implementation details for establishing the remote endpoint connection:

    let remoteConnection (ipAddress:string) (port:int) (credentials:UserCredentials) =

        let connectionSettings = ConnectionSettings.Create()

        let connection = EventStoreConnection.Create(connectionSettings, new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Parse(ipAddress), port))



In conclusion, I documented the tools as well as the code required to deploy an event-store to Azure. I also documented how to retrieve the API server address that’s required, before mapping it to an IP address. Lastly, I showed the implementation details on how to pass-in user credentials and the IP address to establish a connection.

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