Project Management

Angry Developer: I’m having a developer identity crisis trying to figure out what my niche should be.  Seems like there’s always web work, but no two shops are using more than a few of the same tools and frameworks.  I’d really like to avoid becoming an expert at some doomed technology, if that can be helped.

Scott Nimrod: I think Angular is a safe bet for the next 6 months.

Angry Developer: You mean Angular2 –Angular is obsolete shit that must be replaced now.
Scott Nimrod: Yea. That.

Angry Developer: That’s the funnest part of JavaScript dev.  By the time you’re an expert at a stack, it’s changed completely.

Angry Developer: I completely wasted about 5 hours last week learning, trying, and failing with code examples and tutorials on Ionic and Angular because (once I looked more carefully) I was looking a examples for the previous frameworks (which were current a few month ago).

Angry Developer: Doh!

Angry Developer: I much prefer slower, more thoughtful languages and frameworks.  I haven’t had to throw away more than a few pages of what I knew about .NET 1.1

Angry Developer: The JS hackers are changing their frameworks constantly because they didn’t think things through very carefully in the initial design.

I felt like this after sending the following email:


Hi anonymous evangelist,

It’s been a while since we talked.

I just applied for a MS Technical Evangelist position here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 

I remember you telling me that I needed to do the job before I could be considered for the job. 

Thus, I have taken massive and consistent action: 

1. I shared my experience of building Xamarin Applications with F# on DotNetRocks.

2. I have shared my technique for rapidly building testable solutions on another DotNetRocks episode.

3. I have maintained a technical blog in which I help developers become more productive.

4. I have provided a platform for up-and-coming thought leaders as well as established thought leaders to share their ideas.

5. I’m a speaker for the Automation Guild Conference.

6. I have implemented Feedback from to build my brand.

In conclusion, what is left for me to do so that I can be considered for a Microsoft Evangelist position?


Scott Nimrod